Monica Navarro Aranda

Industrial Design & Product Development Bogotá, Colombia

I am a skilled industrial designer with experience in electronic products design, consumer products, design for research and packaging design.

Passionate about problem solving and learning from every project I develop and every client I work with.
With a strong engineering knowledge in the manufacturing process, materials and engineering limitations.


Industrial Designer


Have worked in projects such as the design and development of a children bathtub, the packaging of a top shelf tequila, a kitchen remodeling, among other projects of product design, graphic design, 3D modeling and rendering.

Industrial Design Coordinator

B&G Electronics

Designed and developed new products and redesigned existing products based on usability, manufacturability and function requirements.
Contributed to product cost savings by reducing the number of parts and assembly steps.
Helped reduce the number of warranties by optimizing installation procedures and improving product manuals.


Scania CV AB

Investigated the impact of design on material performance in engine block components by performing casting simulations and experimental measurements.
Presented the findings to Research & Development, showing the potential benefits of early casting simulations to decrease lead times and ensure material quality.
Learned about quality management from being involved with the aluminum cross-functional team, with colleagues from design, development, purchasing and production.


Universidad Industrial de Santander

Worked in product development for the field validation of a new product.
Refined the design for manufacture and assembly.
Searched for potential suppliers and held negotiations for the production of the test batch.
Supported management of safety, regulations and logistics planning.
Led small projects in design and development of laboratory products required in the center.

Industrial Designer

Artprint Ltda

Led the design and development of packaging and paper products, achieving the highest rate of projects approved by the client.
Designed technical solutions, analyzed manufacturability and costs.
Held technical negotiations with customers, production and purchasing to ensure compliance, meeting specifications and cost objectives.
Collaborated with production to prevent and solve potential issues arising during manufacturing.
Supported Sales in communication with English-speaking clients.
Substituted the chief of Design & Development when required.

Design Intern

CD&I Associates

Developed projects in product and graphic design, 3D modeling and structural analysis.
Collaborated with marketing research by doing benchmark studies, logistics and documentation of interviews and focus groups.
On my initiative, promoted the implementation of technological tools to optimize the collaborative work within international offices.

Local VP Communications & Information Systems


Managed a team of 10 people ensuring performance, motivation and people development.
Worked in recruiting and training of new talents.
Developed the local strategy and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the area. Monitored and presented monthly performance reports according to these KPIs.
Created and maintained relationships with local media.


Jönköping University

MS in Product Development & Materials Engineering

Universidad Industrial de Santander

BS in Industrial Design