Trap for collection and surveillance of the mosquito Aedes aegypti


Bachelor Thesis
Awarded Outstanding Distinction
Patent WO/2014/167553

Created for entomological surveillance as part of the dengue fever control program.
Attracts and catch Aedes aegypti gravid females to provide information about the presence of adult mosquitoes in the surveillance area and collect samples of blood-fed mosquitoes for the conduct of viral analysis.

The trap was designed following the scientific method by conducting a series of experiments with an Aedes aegypti lab colony to measure the subject preferences and evaluate concepts.

Final evaluation tests were made to determine its efficiency, where the trap got results of:
► 90.5% catching rate
► 100% retention rate

Meets the required biosafety standards & optimize the surveillance process.


Center for Research on Tropical Diseases (CINTROP)


Industrial Design, Product Design, Research, Entomology equipment